ultrasonic sensor times out


I am using the ultrasonic test program included with EasyC 4 ( with the Cortex microcontroller (with latest master code).

I am getting the error message
“Ultrasonic sesor [sic] on echo port 1, ping port 11 timed out, check the connections”

I have tried:
-plugging and unplugging connections to the sensor
-using a different set of digital I/O ports
-switching the wires between port 1 and 11
-switching the ultrasonic sensor (tried with all three available sensors)
-switching the cortex microcontroller for another cortex microcontroller

In all cases, the same error was given. Only once did I receive a different error, but i was unable to repeat this. (The other error was “out of range”.)

Any thoughts on why I might be seeing this error and what I can do to fix it?

:slight_smile: jen