Ultrasound Coding

I am new to C++ and do not know the jargon. How do I work the ultrasound? Specifically, when coding pros::(what goes here for the ultrasound)? I am also trying to get the distance traveled to be calculated and shown on the controller. Is that possible? If so, does anyone have advice for how I can do it?

Here’s the PROS API page for the ultrasonics. Under the example tab is some code that actually accomplishes some of what you are trying to do.

void opcontrol() {
  pros::ADIUltrasonic sensor (PORT_PING, PORT_ECHO);
  while (true) {
    // Print the distance read by the ultrasonic
    std::cout << "Distance: " << sensor.get_value();

The main difference is it just is printing the distance, but it would be easy to adapt that to printing to the controller.
I don’t use PROS much but I’m assuming you would use controller::print to print to the controller (https://pros.cs.purdue.edu/v5/api/cpp/misc.html#print)