Unable to access compile server on iOS

Hello. We are having a problem downloading user programs from the iOS app.

We are able to successfully connect to the brain over Bluetooth but receive error “Unavle to access the compile server. Please try again” when downloading a program. We have no issues when using the same program through the macOS app.

Is there a solution to this issue?

So if we don’t have internet we can’t use the iPad app? How are we supposed to use this in a competition setting?

It’s not really ideal. I think there was talk about using an offline iPad complier later.
The real killer with the iPad app is download speed which is incredibly slow.

Servers are currently up and running…


We’re working on some BLE optimizations that should hopefully cut download times by a bit. Also, on the roadmap is the offline compiler for iOS / ChromeOS / Android to avoid this issue.

I agree it’s less than ideal for competition purposes, but we wanted to release something sooner rather than later and made the compromise of using an online compiler.