Unable to compile vexcode pro without local admin right

We’re running vexcode pro program in student devices without local admin right which is fine. However, when we’re compiling code, we got an error in the coding. To bypass this error, we have to run the vexcode pro program in administrator mode.

The challenge is we have to manually enter a local admin user for every student devices which run the vex program during the class. Is there a way we can run and compile the vexcode coding without giving local admin right to the students?

Appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance.

We also noticed that it says the program is blocked by group policy but we’re sure which group policy blocking the program.

Unofficial Response

“Group Policy is a feature of Windows that facilitates a wide variety of advanced settings that network administrators can use to control the working environment of users and computer accounts in Active Directory .”

Basically, your administrator enabled a Windows group policy that has prevented a Windows feature from running. Doing a quick google search, perhaps this could help target the problem and allow vexcode to run: How to Fix “This Program Is Blocked by Group Policy” Error