Unable to drive without tether

I have the robot completely constructed, and when I tether it, it drives fine.
When I follow the steps in the manual to untether it and reset bit the brain and the controller, the robot brain does search for a radio signal. The radios are the same and I am sure they are both plugged in all the way.
I got the kit recently and it’s for a competition.
The tether will most definitely get in the way, and I am afraid I won’t be able to compete.

The robot brain does not find the signal of the controller,
in all, my question is “How do I fix this?”

Thanks and sorry for any bother,

Do you have VEXnet 1.0 (black) keys or VEXnet 2.0 (white) keys?

Is all the firmware up to date? The cortex and joystick should be on V4.23, the white radio keys on V1.46. Firmware update utilities are located here.

I have version 1.0 although I am afraid I do not know how to check if the firmware is up to date.

Black (V1) keys do not need firmware, however, the cortex and joystick should both be running the same version. The utility I linked will tell you what’s installed.

Do the blue leds flash when the keys are installed and trying to connect to each other? How old is this kit? The black VEXnet keys are notorious for having problems, do you have access to any more?

Try updating cortex and joystick firmware. The controller and cortex may not have the same firmware, and therefore cannot see each other. If the keys both work, but still are not connecting, that should fix it, but you will have to download everything again, including code for the robot.

jpearman, The kit is fairly new, it arrived late in November.
I do not have access to any more.
When I get home I will report back to you on the light and check the controller.
Thanks for the help so far.

frogs, thank you, I will update/check the version of the joystick when I get back to the robot, currently I am not home.

Hmm, then it should have shipped with the new white VEXnet 2.0 keys I would have thought. Let us know what happens after the firmware is updated.

Just to confirm, you have paired the controller and Cortex?

See here:

I’m home now and currently updating everything.

The versions were not matched up, hopefully this will fix it.

Edit: Looks like it worked, they’re paired correctly now and it’s all up to date.
Thanks for the help,