Unable to playback Worlds Livestream

I watched part of the Worlds Opening Ceremonies live for a little bit (i’m in school), I then came back to find the livestream cannot be playback.

Is there any indication we can review the livestream?

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I can’t access the livestream either. It seems like livestream.com cannot handle it, their website search is all messed up.

I remembered (from the pass) they had recovered lost livestream feed as they were not available to view

TBH I hope they switch to another service (away from livestream) just because this seems to happen every year. It’d be way better IMO to stream to Twitch like FIRST does, just have separate channels for each division (e.g. VEX-HS-Science) or something like that. Live scores can already be found on robotevents.com, so they really aren’t a requirement. Even for events other than VEX Worlds, I always feel like I encounter the same problems. Also the fact that some of their features only work with flash is kinda annoying (flash is dying!)

This is just my opinion, not saything this happens for everyone.

The Opening Ceremony and Parade of Nations is online, now.

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Thank you!

It turns out it takes a while for the video to be finalized.

Yeah the twitch stream FIRST runs is pretty legit. Livestream.com has not been the move in quite some time and I think the cheaper and free options offer just enough