Unanswered Official Q&As

@Karthik @RECF_Janice

There are a few questions in the official Q&A channels (specifically those linked below) that have been up for a quite a while (ranging in age from over a week to over 3 months) and are still unanswered. Since other more recent questions in the same channels have been answered, I’m guessing they simply got missed and became buried under more recent activity. As such, I figured it would be helpful for me to just point these out to the mods/curators.


I don’t know about the one you asked 3 months ago except that maybe the online challenge forum is not looked at as often, but I expect the other two were passed over because they are difficult questions. Karthik did the same with my previous question then answered it in his next pass about a week later (perhaps after talking to the rest of the GDC), so I’m expecting him to do the same here.

You’re probably right. It just seems like the GDC should have figured this out by now.

I totally agree. I can’t believe they overlooked this strategy to begin with. After seeing the reveal I had thought crossing over or though the fence was an intended part of the game, and the reason for having a fence instead of a wall. That’s why I was so confused when the rule was updated. At this point I don’t actually care if it’s legal or not, I just want it to be clear so I know what to build and/or what I might run into at events. These vague and inconsistent rulings have not helped matters (changing the definition of trapping without adding it to the manual?), and I hope Karthik will be able to clear things up.