Unanswered Q & A

Not to rush any, I’m sure, already stressed out folks but the unanswered Q&A’s are backing up (20 by my count). None of them are mine but I am interested in the answer to several.


I sent a Private Message to Eli Osornio, Karthik, and Rick TYler…

One ( or ALL ) should be able to resolve issue this sooner than later…

I would volunteer for GDC if it would help.


Are they hiring ? Sounds like fun.

The answer to most questions really can be deduced from the rules. However, I do look forward to the ruling on “boiling wheels”.

Patience is a virtue. Please give them some time.

Agreed, I asked a question almost 2 weeks ago, but it pertains to something I want to do for next year so I have not given it too much thought. With this being the crazy part of the season I am sure they are up to their eyes in stuff and will get to them when they can.

I see that there has been a recent flurry of Q&A’s being answered… but if I had to guess, I’d say you could expect more answers after February 19th.

Anyone care to guess what happens on the 19th? :wink:

Let’s just say that many of our VEX people are truly passionate about competitive robotics in all forms!


Have Karthik the GDC been busy designing next year’s game (which they will finish doing on the 19th)?

No, FIRST build season ends.