Unbeatable autonomous strategy

In autonomous, if you can drop a c-channel (attached with string) into the middle goal and win the auton bonus, it is very difficult if not impossible to lose the match.
Scoring: If you can score all 9 balls in your home row, the worst that can happen is a tie (no balls in the middle goal means the max score for your opponent is 21 (15 balls + 1 row), while you score 21 (auton bonus + 1 row + 9 balls)
Would this even be a legal strategy, putting something in a goal so that no balls can be scored into it?


It’s hard to tell if that is a good strategy early season, because if you were to implement that then everyone will inevitably adapt. So if you truly want to have an unbeatable strategy:

  1. You create an idea that works in both theory and realistically
  2. Your idea should be held secret
  3. Your idea must purposefully be in a bad shine of light to influence people that your groundbreaking idea is not worth looking towards (to ensure that you can continue breaking the game without having to deal with other people exploiting it as well).
  4. Unique robots win the world champion, but the other robots that make RR are generally the same. The reason being is because nobody knows how to strategize against the design because they barely go against it. Yet again, though, the chances of being that “unique” robot to win worlds is very very low, so much that it’s better to go with what the community decides and practice more than your opponents.

Depends really, keep in mind that no part of a robot can use field elements from support, so if the opponent tries pulling out the c channel but it gets stuck in the goal, then that would be considered grappling to the field

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Thats a great point. So be careful how you play because it can come back in full circle. I honestly dont understand why there are Wall bots and such as they depend on a scoring bot. IF they get a bad teammate then yall are screwed also it seems your plan depends more on AUTON which can vary very much and I dont think that needs to be the thing that determines if you win or not when in finals. But in the end I say that a piece of metal in the goal is 100% NOT legal.