Undeclared Identifier for something defined in robot-config.cpp

I am trying to compile a program but the identifier which is identified in robot-config.cpp is marked unidentified and if I define it in the main file, it counts as a double definition error. How can I resolve this issue. Thanks!

can you provide a few more details ?
Was this defined using graphical configuration ? or is it a variable ? instance of a class (eg. a motor) ?

perhaps paste the error message from VEXcode here.


I defined it in the graphical configuration. Specifically it is a inertial sensor part of a drive train. The name that the graphical configuration set “DrivetrainInertial” in robot-config.cpp is the same as what is called in main.cpp. The error is:
use of undeclared identifier 'DrivetrainInertial'

Can you post the code from robot-config.cpp and maybe a screenshot from your graphical configuration?

If you have a configuration something like this.

Then to access that instance in main.cpp, you would add a definition like this.

#include "vex.h"

using namespace vex;

extern inertial DrivetrainInertial;

int main() {
  // as an example...

Thank you, this information helps significantly.