Under glow

I have heard different things from different places. Is undergrow legal as long as it is only powered by the v5 brain and has no additional micro controllers? I was planning to cut a male end of an old cortex motor connector and soldering directly to a single color led strip for the under glow. I am pretty sure it is non functional decoration but just want to confirm before worlds

Per it would not even have to be powered by the brain. As long as it has no additional microcontrollers it would be legal. For example, my team used a string of “fairy lights” which was powered by a small external power source(battery pack using 2 button batteries and an on/off switch).

This is legal. What you describe in your OP is not.


That was meant to say Per R12e

can you describe what rule is being violated and how it is being violated? I do not see anything wrong with my initial question i just wanted to make sure the it is legal for worlds

MC29’s are illegal per the game manual.


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