Underwater VEX

I’m at the international MATE ROV competition in Alpena, Michigan this weekend. While admiring some of the team’s machines I spotted one with a number of VEX components including a gripper, some metal, and a 393 motor. Apparently VEX motors work well underwater so long as you seal them up by packing them with grease.

Who knew?


P.S. for my FRC friends, let me just get it out of the way now… “Water game, anyone?” :rolleyes:

I learned watching “Junkyard Wars” (aka “Scrapheap Challenge”) that DC motors work pretty well in fresh water. I’m just paranoid enough to want to make that “low voltage DC motors.” No cooling problems, either.

I put an extra VEX light sensor into my AUV for RoboSub.

So, Mr. Tyler, since using VEX parts underwater is apparently “feasible”, ignoring the infeasibility of having tournament coordinators lug expanded field walls and having them set up massive tanks, would that mean that teams can feasibly design an Underwater VEX game for the Animation Challenge? :smiley:

I mean, all that the animators/game designers would have to do is decree in the animation that all robots should be covered in a inch-thick layer of Vaseline!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Since the VRC limits the amount of custom fabrication, I do not see it possible without huge changes. FTC allows more customization so I could see that being possible. Waterproofing an electronics vessel is much more difficult than it seems. Trust me.

You’ll note he didn’t say much about having control electronics work underwater! :slight_smile:

But I’d still like to see the render time for a frame with water effects and a texture that resembles inch thick vaseline!