Uneven/sloppy manufacturing of the cubes

We got our field setup yesterday and are very excited to start building. The first thing we noticed however is that the cubes are not at all symmetrical. Our red and blue cubes seem to stack relatively well (but they are VERY slippery - which will be a huge challenge). But the green cubes are really wavy and uneven and many won’t stack at ALL. They literally just slide off each other when completely level.

So my question is - is this lack of precision in manufacturing of the cubes something that we should just deal with - or is it possible that your first batch of game elements have some issues that you will need to correct?

Personally I feel that the game would be much better served if the cubes were identical. Adding a huge amount of randomness and lack of control to the game scores is something that is deeply frustrating and motivation sapping for the kids. As an active coach in both FLL and VEX IQ I can tell you that the randomness and lack of precision in Lego Mindstorms hardware and game elements vs the fantastic reliability of VEX IQ hardware is a BIG reason why my team has preferred VEX to FLL (in fact - we do not plan on continuing with FLL). I’m worried that with these new game elements we’ll face that same level of frustration with VEX as we have with the other guys.

You feedback would be appreciated.

Hi jasonkiefer,
I’m very surprised to hear your feedback about the uneven cubes. This does not match what I’ve seen with the ones in our office. Can you reach out to our Support folks support@vex.com or 903.453.0802 so they can get more information?

The game pieces are listed in the manual as varying (based on manufacturing tolerances) so this is “part of the challenge” but I’m surprised by what you’re describing.