Unidentified Controller 1

Please HELP!
Coding studio keeps giving me a message…“Use of unidentified controller1…” how do I identify the controller?

If you are using C++, if you have not done it, drag and drop a controller and it should automatically have a name of “Controller1.” If the output is exactly “Use of unidentified controller1,” then you may have forgotten that names are case sensitive. Make sure to capitalize the ‘C’ because the name is “Controller1” not “controller1.” If you are using C++ pro, if you have not done it, make sure to add the following (If I did this correctly) in robot-config.h:

vex::controller Controller1= vex::controller(vex::controllerType::primary);

If neither of these solve your problems, it would be very appreciated if you can post your code :slight_smile:

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