Unimportant Grammar Error on the VEX Website

On the VEX LINK page under the AI section on the VEX website, the sentence VEX LINK is critical to allowing the robot to share the results of their AI object detection and GPS locations. is repeated twice.


I know this isn’t urgent by any means, but it might be nice to get this fixed.


You should probably just email marketing@vex.com, not all the VEX employees peruse the forum.


(DRow does, and he’s the one that’s in charge of the VEX website)

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That would explain why the site has so many issues.

Point in case:
Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 2.05.15 PM


Yes, that Barr could use some work (pun intended)

It’s not fair to him, the VEX site has always been badly designed from a graphics design perspective. I made a lot of people mad when I pointed this out back when they bought the vex.com domain.

On an unrelated note, I approve of your taste in cable news and late night shows.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: ok mr. googleman


How does this relate to anything said here? No one’s talking about how nice the google logo looks.

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That’s not the point

I work for Google, that’s what he’s getting at.

Thanks :slight_smile:

@ Ethan5956F That’s an amazing read.


These elements make the user love the ‘imperfect’ yet aesthetically appealing logo for Google G. Themes that a logo has are (1) Direction toward the Future, (2) Identity with Viewers, (3) Instant Recognition and Distinctiveness, (4) Consistency throughout Evolution, (5) Invocation of Change, and (6) True Representation of Corporate Identity. The Google logo seems to check all the boxes with the graphical logotype and the Goggle G.

The Google logo seems to check all the boxes with the graphical logotype and the Goggle G.

Goggle G

​> Topic about writing error
​> Article linked has spelling error
​> ironic.jpg

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Thank you taran as usual for checking the grammar of every site, source, and post on this forum for us. Keep up the good work!


Taran, once again thank you for your productive contribution to the discussion! We enjoy hearing your intellectual and informative inputs and ideas! Have a nice day!


I agree with @Cody that it is probably best to DM DRow or email marketing@vex.com.

I do agree with that, as the header design is not properly made.

There’s a YouTube video explaining that this is intentional:

But I highly doubt that the header was, and I think it was probably accidental.

Hard to say, maybe all of vex’s accidents are on purpose! I’m sure they meant to ship v5 late!


Can someone please explain for me why it was relevant to bring up the Google logo? No one’s talking about the aesthetics of logo design.

The linked article also explains how this was intentional and makes the logo nicer to look at.

v5 was just too overpowered for everyone to have

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As an important man once said,
I have ultimately decided that I just don’t care enough.


Okay, but you didn’t answer the question. You don’t need to go quoting Cody on me.