Unimportant Grammar Error on the VEX Website

Then why bother responding? If you don’t care then just go somewhere else and stop cluttering up my thread.

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If I’m not mistaken, the article that @Ethan5956F posted explains why the non-symmetric nature of the Google favicon is a genius design decision. So I’m not sure why he thinks it’s an insult of some kind.


Ah, so you do care?

It seems to be the only logical explanation of you posting that article with this jab that you were trying to articulate a comeback or insult of some kind.

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You surely must understand that a statement has a limited scope. I don’t care enough - about wallbots.

Having a banner button on a website one pixel off using lowercase font when everything else is allcaps, well I might just have to burn the building down for that (100% joking).


They likely posted Google’s logo in response to the VEXForum header.

No need to get defensive, but in my opinion I believe “I do not care” is a justifiable response in this thread. I can be wrong, of course, but his response can be translated to “Why should we care?” and it will probably have the same exact meaning.

I am presuming it is more of a “joking around” type of thing.

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Ethan said something, I asked what he meant by it, and he responded with “I don’t care” to my direct question. That just seems lame.

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Eh, the maturity level of this place has declined. Maybe it’s a generational thing, or maybe I was just as bad and have grown out of it. Either way a lot of these replies aren’t adding to the conversation. We should probably stop here and let the VEX people fix the two things silently when they find the time to get around to it. These are not priority issues, trust me those guys have bigger fires to tend to.


Agreed. This thread has reached the end of its usefulness


You can see it was not towards you, but towards the situation.

I’m not sure about you but this can really impose negative implications towards some of the members here, but in defense I do believe that sometimes honesty is the best policy. So I agree.

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please stop responding to this thread. there is no point


Or let’s just ask @DRow to lock it…

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