Unique US OPEN Proposal

Hi Forum Goers,
I seem to be in quite the dilemma, and I was hoping to get some advice on this forum! Hopefully you can help me as I embark on this new journey…

My team and I have been lucky enough to have qualified for the US OPEN! As our accomplishments prove, our #1 focus is robotics. However, I have been slightly distracted due to my teammate, Kayla.

I’d like you to imagine the most beautiful, genuine, and caring girl you know. Got it? Good. That girl is my equivalent of Kayla. She is gorgeous, we have great deep conversations, AND she’s great with ROBOTC.

I’d like to ask Kayla on a date at the US OPEN but I’m not sure when. If anyone has attended the US OPEN before, do you have any suggestions as to when to ask her? I’d like this to be a public asking, preferably during alliance selection where I could grab ahold of the microphone. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help, and hopefully we can figure something out.

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Blackjack (DreamLift65)

Hmmm… what if you don’t make it to eliminations? Why not ask her in private? Asking her in public puts A LOT of pressure on the her to say “yes.” Doesn’t sound intimate or personal or healthy to me… my two pennies

[sarcasm that can optionally be taken at face value]

Regardless of when you ask her, make sure to give her the gift of real C/C++ in the form of PROS. It truly is the programmer’s dream.

[/sarcasm that can optionally be taken at face value]

No. Doing so would put an incredible amount of stress and pressure on her to say yes.

Also think about it this way: Do you really want her to be pressured to say yes? What good could come from a date that she was pressured into agreeing to even though she didn’t want to go?

I think what @Ballard and @sazrocks say is really good advice, and you really should try to keep it private. Ideally, I think you could, after winning an award (when everyone is happy and all), pull her to the side and ask. Or if there is no award, you could ask after a really good match, after qualifications are over, after elims are over, or even after the whole competition is over. Or you could find some other time. There’s no need to rush :slight_smile:

Lol, what if she sees this thread.

Echoing what everyone else said. Keep it private between you and her, as announcing it publicly can put an intense amount of pressure on her, which could make things awkward and have the exact opposite effect of what you’re hoping.

Another important point: no matter what she says, make sure you’re respectful and understanding of her feelings, or lack thereof if she does not feel the same way but still sees you as a good friend. The friendship you’ve developed and your cohesion as a team is what got you to the US Open in the first place, and that can’t be forgotten or ignored even if things don’t go the way you’re hoping.

Of course, you probably already have Point #2 in mind, but it’s worth reiterating.

You should definitely make this a public thing. Alliance selection is a great choice because remember if you can’t make it to playoffs you aren’t worthy of Kayla. I tried this last year and she just accepted my promposal. A robotics event is the best romantic setting for asking any girl out. Good luck.

Dude like it’s just a date, why make such a HUGE thing about it? Like it would make sense if you were PROPOSING to her, but it would be more of a romantic thing if you took her out WHILE at the event. What you want to do is going to be embarrassing not only to you, but to her as well. Defiantly not a quality of a long-term relationship.

I guess the big question is - do you think she wants to go out with you? Whether public or private, when you ask her out, you want to know with about 95% certainty that she’ll say yes. Start a conversation with her, talk about what you like to do outside of robotics. Once she identifies something - say she likes Paintball - start a conversation around that end it by saying " have you heard of XYZ paintball? I’ve heard they are great, maybe we can go to paintball sometime." If she runs, she probably doesn’t want to go out with you. If she leans it, she does. Learn your audience! Good luck!

I agree with the others - a public proposal is probably not such a good idea.

I think it’s a great idea, talk to the refs to try and let them have time for you to ask her out with a mic, and make sure to point at her in the crowd just to get it nice and personal.

Public proposals are not the move. This will likely backfire tremendously. Especially for just a date.

Don’t go through with it.

Really… here on the forums?
roboticsonly.com needs to be a site.

Or just don’t open the threads you’re not interested in. No law saying you need to read each and every thread! Like I tell people at work that complain about “reply all” emails: the delete button works!

See at first you think… oh something new… some great idea… but NOooooo… Dating 101
Funny but really?

I like to think I’m teaching my kids about more than just robotics…


Names and team numbers changed to protect the innocent.

I mean, they ARE skills that will be useful later in life, you know?

Now that is funny!!! And very True!!!
Well said!