Unique US OPEN Proposal

Well, if Internet Explorer has enough courage to ask you to be your default browser, then you certainly have enough courage to ask her out. Go for it when you think you’ve mustered enough courage at the right moment. You’ll know when it happens, I’m sure.

But yeah, asking in public where people are listening would be inadvisable.
Good luck, m8!

but honestly listen to the other people more, I’m not a good source xD

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Two of the guys on 575 asked two of the girls from 575 to prom on stage at an awards ceremony at Worlds. Fortunately, the girls said yes…

my god those guys must have some serious stones

Even if you are sure that she’ll say yes, are you sure she would appreciate a gesture this grand? Remember you aren’t proposing prom or marriage. Something this big is usually reserved for such things and not asking a girl out. Obviously I don’t know Kayla, but I personally would not want someone to subject me to this.

I think you should propose on the field during finals. It would be a great way to show your longstanding affection and love. Buy roses, flowers, and gatorade. Anodize your robot pink and red and plaster #GirlPowered stickers on it. Get a VEX speaker and make it play Rick Astley. I can guarantee that everyone will appreciate it. Trust me, I’ve done this before.

Here I’ve been studying this thread for days, tracking its every move and I’ve finally decided it, the perfect proposal ever. First, you’re going to need to hypnotize her into a trance and inferring from what you said about her ROBOTC skills, you’re going to have to get her to code a pathway for the robot to spell out, “GO OUT WITH ME?”. Now at US OPEN, when you’re called up for alliances, grab the mic and pause. Just pause for a minute let everyone be quiet. Then say you’d like to be in an alliance with Kayla (double entendre ;)). Anyway, here is when you’re going to need someone named Pedro. You’re going to yell “Queue it Pedro” and Pedro will start the robot but a marker is attached to your robot. Now hopefully you have an 8 motor drive because it’ll come in handy now. The robot (Pedro would’ve switched the batteries) will start its code and flowers will fall from the ceiling cause you know Pedro will do the most. This is honestly the only way you’re going to get her buddy, good luck.

My advice is to keep it private. Doing it in public stresses the girl out to make a decision and say yes at the event or proposal.

I definitely agree. Whenever you see people like at baseball games, they’re proposing, its never just asking out. Asking someone out should definitely be a private thing, and this would be an opportunity for something bigger than that. I would think none of the high school kids would be proposing but maybe if you wanted an extravagant promposal? Its just a lot for something at a point where you may not be completely sure of her answer.

Promposals can be different, because you can go with someone as a friend because you need a date. It’s not asking if someone will consider a relationship with you, necessarily. And with marriage proposals, you should already know they will say yes (no Michael Scott moments).

I don’t know, I popped the question 41 years ago and she said yes. I had no idea what she would say, but I went for it anyway. Married 40 years this July. :slight_smile:

In public, though?

It’s just that often, people discuss marriage before the actual proposal.

Congratulations, by the way. :slight_smile:

Good point. Only a schmuck would ask in public without arranging it in advance.

To be honest, you can’t go wrong with fireworks. The ceiling is pretty high so a single shot might be accomplished before the event staff has a chance to stop you. You’ll have to outrun the ceiling however as fire has been proven to severely damage the structural integrity of the building. Also, the police might be interested.

Good Luck and Good Hunting.

This is the single worst advice I have ever heard. Everybody knows that you need to use a multishot fireworks box so you can light it and run. As for the police, I wouldn’t worry too much, they will be to busy watching the fireworks as you steal away with your new girlfriend. I give the roof 45 seconds before critical damage is caused.

What is your 100m time?

good luck!

Evan Gibhart

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like that?
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@Evan56G I also agree that that was a horrible idea. You must get fireworks that will start a fire on the ceiling spelling out “Kayala will you go out with me?” and after you run you can find her answer

That seems like it was staged, haha.

The US Open is over…

@DreamLift65 Did you ask her? (preferably with the fireworks)

Did we as a robotics community just give quality dating advice?

Due to his unresponsiveness, either we mislead him, crushing his will to go on with robotics and fueling a never-ending rage at this robotics community, or he’s too busy with his new girlfriend to respond.