Unique ways to flip and put caps on poles

So I saw a few lifts that passively flips the caps as they lift the cap over their bot and score it on the pole. Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, or designs/pictures to clarify this idea for me? Also feel free to talk about unique ways to score them on poles.

Think you are referring to just a simple chain bar or just a 2-bar lift.

I am currently using a passive 2-bar dump lift for caps and it is very affective in my opinion. If you would like to see pictures/videos feel free to DM me on the teams Instagram @st._cloud_tech_vex

Some people have built passive flippers that just use weight distribution. When there is no cap, the center of gravity is below the axis the flipper rotates on. When it’s holding a cap, the center of gravity is above the axis the flipper rotates on and it flips as soon as it’s lifted off of whatever it’s sitting on.

the best methods I’ve seen are lifts with passive intakes that can intake a cap just by driving into it, with no fiddling to get a good position.

I have a kind of cool idea for this in the works, but I don’t have enough worked out yet to start showing it off.

I really like pancake flippers over the wrist/waffle iron design. Although it’s slightly more complicated, the lift doesn’t need to go as high, and from what I’ve seen there’s not really an issue with getting the caps in between the “handles” while flipping on top of poles; you just lift, flip, and drop.

yeah we did one of those too…not sure how well it’ll work, because we don’t have enough wires to test it, but it flips caps on the ground easily.

What is the one with the L-shaped passive claw called?

I’m not 100% sure what you mean because I haven’t really seen an L-shaped passive, but I think you’re talking about the forklifts?

I believe this is a style pancake flipper.

probably talking about the 448x style forklift thing

exactly what I was thinking of. Only that we are trying to put it on a 4 bar, not a cascade.

That style of flipper has worked really well for me due to its ability to grab the caps out of hard to reach areas that most can’t get to.