Universal Robot Stacking Methods?

Now that Nothing But Net is out, and told us we are able to stack robots on each other…

Any ideas for some robot stacking methods that may become very common? Basically so when the robot stacks on the other, they won’t need to change a couple pieces before the match?

Let’s just hope there isn’t a “common” method, at least not because of forums…

This just gave me a rather interesting thought, a team that has a lifter robot that gives a special attachment to their partners before the match so that they can interface with and hook onto their partners without having to rely on them having a specific design.

Legally, the partner robot will have to go through inspection with a new attachment. This may slide under the radar on state championship level, but will, likely, be enforced on world’s.

An idea is to make dual rack and pinions on the sides of your robot, and have them push down into the ground lifting yourself 18". Then you get your alliance partner to drive under you and you retract the racks.

That could be a very viable solution, assuming you have enough leftover motors to implement it.

Yes, I’m going to let you LAND ON TOP OF MY ROBOT. That can’t possibly cause any problems…

It is definitely a viable strategy, though. For example, if a team can do without it until alliance selections, they can pick a partner and place the device on them once for the rest of the tournament, thus, not needing to be reinspected after the first time.

Something similar to this situation happened at the FRC regional most recently here in Hawaii.

If you put a stable cage around the top, it should be just fine.

Yah all you would have to do is put some lexan on top or single flat sheets and some flexible mounts and the impact would be nothing.

Yup. I have a feeling a lot of robot lifters will be overly complicated and take a while to do their given task. The good ones will do it fast and be simple.

The big problem with this is to lift anouther robot you are going to have to lift them on thr side of your robot. Your robot will have to be more heavy than theirs in order to lift it otherwise your robot will just tip over so i think a ramp is going to be the most effective way to “lift” another robot. The only way to solve this problem is to make your robot very heavy, but then it will be hard for teams to lift you.

I don’t think so. You could just use some sort of anti-tipping device.

A universal stacking method would be great however it would also make the stacking bonus almost useless because nearly everyone would have it and therefore get the 50 points.

I think creating a PTO (power take off) from the chassis would be the best motor powered way to go. I think it is important to keep as many motors on the chassis as possible, as this game involves a open field with light objects, chassis performance will be key. I would use the one Green Egg (44) built for toss up as inspiration. Many teams will build ramps, but having one will mean you will be relying on your partners chassis to gain 50 points, which will be slow and risky. Since high hanging with a big ball with only two motors was pretty much impossible with a 1:7 gear configuration in toss up, PTO I think is the way to go.

Well you cant make it that heavy or else your drive motors could stall out easily. I personally had this problem with my 100% Steel Linear Lift Robot last season. (To Cheap for Aluminum)