University of South Florida Signature Event

Hi, everyone.

This thread is for questions and updates anyone on the forum has about the Signature Event at the University of South Florida.

For the results, normally you would find out from the event’s Robot Events page (linked here), or on the VEX Via app, but these have not been showing the results so far today.

Good luck to all of the teams at the event!

Edited to add: As @Dave Flowerday said, this is because the event is not posting the live updates (maybe because they don’t have the network access needed), not because of a problem with Robot Events or VEX via.

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I’ve been waiting for updates all day, kinda frustrating neither robot events or vex via are working. if only there was a stream…

I do know that the match list this morning had 86868R and 22095A going against 77788J and 4825C in one match (14 or so). It’s possible that even this has changed since then, though.

I expect 86868R, 1320C, 25461Z, 22095A, and the top Florida teams (who I listed in another thread) to do very well.

Edit: From the other thread, the top Florida teams at the event include 1533M, 3131V, 4411S, 7121D/E, 910X, 77788J/Y, 67766A, and 212B. (Plus maybe 11342A, who hasn’t competed since November 12th, but was the #1 seed at their first two events and won the 3rd - those were their only 3 tournaments so far this season.)


Cool, could you post a picture of the elimination bracket and rankings after qualification?

I’m not at the event, but I will post that info once I get it. (I would keep up with it on Discord, but it seems to be blocked by the school wifi I’m using - there’s no class today, but I’m there to help set up for a SkillsUSA contest held tomorrow.)

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Ah ok, Thanks!

FYI, there is nothing wrong with RobotEvents or VEX via. The event is not publishing live updates. Either the EP didn’t turn that option on in Tournament Manager for some reason or perhaps they do not have adequate network access to do so.

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Anyone wanna send a picture of the current rankings?

The results have been posted! I’ll summarize them here later, because I will be leaving soon.

#1 seed was 169Y, The Cavalry from the Haverford School in Haverford, Pennsylvania. They picked the #2 seed, 4411S, WARwolf Robotics from TERRA Environmental Research Institute in Miami. They made it to the quarterfinals, but lost (to 77788Y and 77788J) when one of their robots got tipped over.

The 2nd and 3rd alliance captains were defending Florida State Champions 7121E and 1533M, who picked 448X and 1320C respectively.

The tournament was ultimately won by the 4th alliance, 86868R and 45464Z, both from California, who defeated 1533M and 1320C in the finals with a score of (IIRC) 19-11.

Excellence went to 1320C from Tucker, Georgia.


I’ve seen alot of tournaments this year where the first seed wins the whole tournament, while picking the second seed. I think I’m starting to see a patern in rankings and how they’re sorted out.