Unknown Tool

Hello, we are relatively new to VEX and have come across a a long black rubber-esque tool that was packaged with our open faced wrench and two Allen wrenches. We have absolutely no idea what this tool is or what it does. We were just wondering if anyone could fill us in on what it was. Thanks!

This is a “nut starter” - you’ll find that the vex nuts fit into the big end. You can use it for getting nuts into places that are really hard to reach on your robot, then screwing the bolts into them.

Don’t worry, for the first year or so of my involvement with Vex I thought it was an aerial holder for the old radio receiver module!! :smiley:

Thank you so much! I am sure that this tool will prove very useful now that we know what it does!

You’re welcome

I thought it was an antenna holder for the crystal set. i would put the antenna in the straw, thread the black thing over it, then seat the whole thing on a nut. I never thought to use them like a nut driver. thanks for the enlightenment.

everyone in Worcester thought it was that until last summer haha