Unlimited skills attempts

So recently there was a skills event that had unlimited attempts for skills. I was wondering how “legal” this was given the new rules on skills only events (however there was a tournament before the unlimited skills started). Thanks

Technically there is no max for current skills attempts in local events so this seems legal (afaik). But it seems kinda unfair to teams that go to regular events without many skills opportunities.

Event partners are allowed to determine the number of attempts each team is allowed for each skills challenge, including the option of unlimited.

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That’s fair because it’s purely skill based

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Dude chill out

I’m actually chillin i was just hoping it doesn’t effect other teams and it seems kinda sketch

Lmao I’m kidding big boy :heart_eyes: u know who I am

oh sorry

To me, having unlimited attempts at skills generally shouldn’t make all that much of a difference as compared to just 3. Unless you were to screw up your skills 3 times in a row. At some point the difference becomes negligible, I mean 3 should be enough for a team to get it right… hopefully. Unless your me and you have a case of chronic misdownloading, patent pending.

It’s fine I would have said the same

For me, even though I don’t do more than three skills runs anyways, having unlimited skills is just better on my brain because “I only have 3 chances to get this right” isn’t constantly running through my head

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Lol. It’s kinda poitntless to get into a grammatical argument online. But you knew that.

I think there is a big difference between having unlimited runs and only having 3 runs. Having 3 runs means that you’re programming/driving must have some consistency, so you can’t rely on hoping for a “golden” run that you get 1 out of 10 times. With unlimited tries, having consistency is almost irrelevant because you can just keep trying over and over again until that “golden” run happens. I feel like this eliminates a core aspect of robotics competitions.

It’s like running a track event; nobody at the competition is gonna let you run the same event over and over again until you get a PR. You get one chance to run it and prove yourself; that’s it. These skills runs are the same, but instead of one try, you get three tries.


If you come the night before the event, and help set up, I give you unlimited skill runs once all the fields are set up. We’ve run skills in all 5 fields the night before for teams that helped.


There definitely is a big benefit to many skills runs because teams did do a lot of runs and at skills only events have done a lot in the past.

I honestly get bored with Skills after I run it a couple of times. I should try harder at it, but I’m more into talking to other teams about their robots and stuff.

I’m assuming that our score of 54 at an event with unlimited skills runs is the reason for this thread. The event partner had originally planned to run a skill challenge on this date, so when the new rules came out the logical choice was to run a quick tournament followed by unlimited skills. At the event we did not need nearly all the attempts that we used to put up a top 3 score, we just kept going until we hit our max.

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I was there and I can verify this. They got nearly all their driver and programming points early in the day and did additional runs to squeak out a few more points.


Unlimited skills runs as a skills only event is reasonable. Skills only events are practice only and the results shouldn’t upload to the Worlds Skills Rankings this season (different than past seasons).

For a typical 1 day tournament event the max number of runs set by the RECF for this season is 3 each driver and autonomous.