Unlucky Bots

In honor of all of the matches we could’ve won but didn’t because stuff happens, what are some of the unlucky moments you guys had that made you want to question your existence?

I’ll go first:
In a recent semi-finals match, we grabbed a dead battery resulting in an obvious loss.
Hooked up a controller a few seconds before the match started causing the robot to not connect in time.
Everything dealing with my first robot.

During a match that we should have won at our last competition, my right joystick stopped working completely about 10 seconds into the match. If it weren’t for that, we could have easily won, since the opposing alliance robot tipped over. This was also in the quarter finals. Also the match prior to this (another quarterfinals match), our partners robot completely messed up, when we should have won. Needless to say, we didn’t get to the semifinals even though we should have.

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Knock on wood I really haven’t had anything stupid happen to me this season yet. Oh well now something will happen this week. Smh

Cue Antichamber non-christian video

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I had a comp were all except 2 matches of Quals had a partner that wasn’t working for one reason or another. Then one of the 2 matches were it wasn’t the case my partner was a basic clawbot.

I had my 2 claw motors conflicting each other during autonomous so my bot tried to high hang on the pole and tipped over

It could be worse depending on the comp setup and which way it fell.
Was it on an elevated platform and the robot fell off the pole and out of the court. or just hit the field

At my first tournament this season, our battery broke in the second finals match right after auton, rendering us useless for the rest of the match. But our alliance was able to pull through anyway, since one of the opposing bot stopped working as well for whatever reason. Also at another recent tournament, we lost the first qualification match due to dead controller batteries.

Our lift decided not to work after the first match and we couldn’t move our mobile goal intake at all because it was stuck behind our lift. So we were basically a push bot and not a good one.

Don’t underestimate the clawbot. At our last comp, we were opposed with a clawbot that managed to score two mogos (in 10pt zone) and stack 4 cones on another mogo that they didn’t have time to score in a zone. @Mystical Pie can confirm this.

during autonomous we got a match load stuck in our arm somehow, and it really got jammed in there tight. we tried everything during dc to get it out so we could begin stacking, and finaly we dislodged it by pounding in against the perimeter, just to have it fall and get stuck in our base. needless to say, we lost.

I saw a clawbot stack a 2 cone tall stack, and descored them both when trying to go for the third cone :expressionless:


Clawbots in a nutshell.

But any team that uses the clawbot claw on their robot isn’t much better.

Why is your location “Deal with it”?

EDIT: idk why i asked it just seemed relevant

I’m actually really happy the new “clawbot” is a four-bar. Seeing teams try to line up cone drops when the cone tilts the higher they go is hard to watch.

Last year in starstruck, it was finals at state. We were on our 2nd match, if we had won we would have continued to a tie breaker. We were winning until our alliance partner somehow got stuck under the fence -_- but what’s worst is when we tried to get him out, he fell back wards onto our robot leaving both of us immobile.

You know that’s when youyou get piled with beanbags and are done with…


It was a rough season. We had yet to qualify for regionals until the very last tournament, even though we were ranked top 5 in like 4-5 consecutive tournaments. We just kept selecting robots that had some issue in eliminations. We had a partner lose connection for a match, a partner tip, a partner stall, and a partner drive on top of our lift and break it. It was a very stressful season because I was beginning to think that we would just never qualify for regionals, but then at the last tournament before regionals, we got Tournament Champions and Excellence, even though we didn’t have a notebook.