Unnecessary Short Posts

Just something semi-related: if you have to put in the [10 char] thing, the post probably shouldn’t be posted.

A starting 15" double lift cannot lift up 30".

If you really want to fit under the troughs with a 18" robot, put the lift in the back and have your robot do a wheelie to get under the troughs.

*Edit: Yeah so it would have to tilt back like 10 inches, so that idea’s not going to happen.

what do you mean “10 Char”

When people do something like this:
[in response to a question]

Because a post has to have at least 10 characters to be allowed to be posted in the forums to prevent spam.


I beg to differ. There are lots of ways for starting 15" robots to reach even higher than 35".

EG Scissor lifts, 8-bar, hybrid 8 bar, reverse double 4-bar, reverse double 6-bar, a crazily built-up elevator, among others.

Then again this post was a few months ago, so you’ve probably figured all this out already.

Why on earth would you resurrect a 6 month old thread where you are debating in public with someone on your own team?

Sometimes I just don’t get these VEX forums.

Haha. I found that funny, as well. :stuck_out_tongue: Especially since their team now has a lift that can most certainly get to 30" and fit under 15".