Unoffical Response: "Music in online challenges"

Let’s take a look at the definition, of public domain, according to Wikipedia:

When an author has relinquished their copyright of a work, it is Public Domain. Note that, unofficially, the specification most likely includes all Creative Commons licenses, not just ones where the author has entirely relinquished their copyright.

Also, note that the submission date for most (or all) challenges is already past due (due on Jan. 11 2017)

I found this on youtube’s website.

In their post, they said that they would be submitting an online challenge next year.

@Aiden Pyle While works which are older than the current public domain limit of authors life + 80 years (thanks, Disney!) are free to use, OP is more likely to want to use works wherein the author has relinquished their copyright, as opposed to much more ancient, copyright-expired works