Unoffical Response to "How to get to Worlds"


Hello, and welcome to the Community! There are multiple ways to qualify for the World Championship:

  • Win at your State Championship. This depends on what region you are in, but in general, Tournament Champions, Excellence Award, and Robot Skills winners will qualify in most every region. In some places, many more awards qualify, but in nearly every region, all of these do. To find out more, contact your local RECF representative
  • Win an Online Challenge. Every year, a number of Online Challenges are released (usually around 8 or 10), many of which the first prize qualifies you to VEX Worlds (in addition to a pretty nice cash prize). Find out more here
  • Score in the top 35 HS or the top 15 MS combined skills score in the world. At events, you will have the option of performing skills runs, which are like matches, but take place over 1:00 and are either driver or autonomously controlled, where you aim to score as many points as possible.

If I were you, I would find a local team who’s qualified for Worlds in your region and talk to them. They’ll be able to give you local information which is more specific than what I’ve given you
(Side Note: The Channel that you posted in is a method of clarifying the Game Manual, and can only be responded to by VEX staff. If you have questions, it’s best that you post in General Forum, or similar)

Also, here’s an unofficial flowchart for the Worlds qualification process:


Robot skills champion at a regional tournament does not qualify us for States. However, if you do that well in Skills, you will probably be invited.

Interestingly, in Nothing But Net, Tournament Champion did not qualify for State at most tournaments. We actually had won three tournaments before we finally got Excellence and qualified.

For both your points, it depends on the available state slots, the number of qualifying tournaments, and the tournament size as to whether state slots will be awarded. Sometimes, in some states, Skills champion will qualify. Other places it won’t.

Also, Tournament Champion will qualify for a state slot in many ( probably most) cases. Excellence will always qualify if it is a “qualifying” tournament, so in order for Tournament Champion to also qualify, the event has to have a total of four qualifying slots to give.

I wasn’t making an argument, just saying how it worked in my state. I understand the factors at play.

It was kind of silly that we went so long in a good season without qualifying, but we knew we would be invited based on Skills if all else failed anyway, so no problem.

Yeah, looks like I should have been more clear. I know you know how it works; you’ve been here a while and had many good comments on the whole process. And, you’re one of the lemonbots. So, you’re kinda dialed in.

My clarification was for anybody who was reading the thread because they wanted to learn how it works.

World Skills Ranking
Top 15 Middle School
Top 35 High School

This according to the 2017-18 Event Partners Qualifying Criteria presentation.

Also past winners at Worlds are invited to the next season championship…

Is it really only the top 15 and 35? Combined? Or is that for programming AND driver?

Combined… the presentation is this after noon at the EP Summit… I am not there, but read the ppt presort on RECF Guidebook app.

Not debating you, thou bearer of bad news, but I always felt like it was very hard to qualify off of Skills, so to shrink this number even as Worlds grows seems questionable to me. As they shrink it more, it will probably be exclusively teams that have qualified anyway.

I’ve never gotten close to this cutoff, though I might have if I had really given Skills a try. That seens less likely now.

I would’ve appreciated the dedicated spots if I was still in middle school, but now, there are even less spots for high school.

Hey, I am ok (in France, so nothing sticks right now :slight_smile: )
Today’s presentation indicated this was to be fair for the younger teams in VRC and VEXIQ so that elementary students and middle school students have the same proportion of spots in skills as they rerpresent within their programs. ES is 50% in IQ and ,S is roughly 30% in VRC

The number of qualifying spots for VRC and VEXIQ through skills remains the same, but now they are split along the same lines as the number of divisions at worlds…

Yes it means HS might not get as many spots as they have in the past. Moving forward it will not be at the expense of MS and the numbers will change programs grow or shrink.

Okay, I always thought that MS and HS skills were separate anyway. Oops!

The change makes sense but I can’t help but feel that it shouldn’t come as a reduction (maybe it should be 50 HS, 25 MS).