Unofficial Answer: Cone Placement

@roborattler “Are all cones in a match always on the same rotation? (is the little triangle at the top facing the same way?) Or are they randomly placed?”
Game Manual - Appendix A -

From experience:
This really depends on the event you are at, and how willing event staff is to move field elements for you. If you notice field elements more than 1" off, you can request them to be re-positioned. However, this does not say which way they will face. Never count on them pointing a certain way. Reset time constraints make having them all pointing a certain way impossible.

<SG13> At the start of the Match all Scoring Objects on the field will be placed upright in their designated locations, however the rotation is not specified.
It may be a resetting time constraint, although that is never specified. Note however, that the above states that the rotation is NOT specified. The interpretation of this, as I understand it, is that the rotation of the cones is TOTALLY at random and NO attempt to orient them a particular way will be attempted.