Unofficial answer: High School Agenda Clarification

From Connor

I don’t have a comment regarding the :30 vs :45, but please note that VEX via will show the match start times according to your local time zone. Assuming you are in Texas according to your profile, VEX via will show 1:45 which would be Central time, which obviously translates to 2:45 Eastern in Kentucky. I believe works the same way:

Thank you!

They probably want to teams to be queued up for their match at 2:30 - the actual match start time can fluctuate a little (or at some events A LOT!).

Remember showing up early to matches is on time, showing up at match time is late.

Distances in the venue are a lot longer than you expect - plus you have to walk around the various lines of people with your robot… Do remember to bring your robot to matches…

Middle school matches definitely start at 2:30. High school matches definitely start at 2:45. That much I know. My guess for why there’s a difference is because the middle school divisions are right next to Freedom Hall and the high school divisions are on the other side of the venue, so it will take longer to walk to the fields. They probably kept them the same in the public agenda because that is also the start time for skills matches across all grade levels.

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