Unofficial answer: Highest stacks in skills

OP: “HIghest stacks in skills

Hi, @6793A.

According to the following Q&A answer, there are no Highest Stack Bonuses in Skills.

From “Answered: Height Bonus in Skills” (emphasis mine):

I am not sure why TM allows Highest Stack Bonuses to be awarded for Skills, but I am guessing it is because they can be awarded for regular matches. (You are correct that a maximum of four Highest Stack Bonuses can be awarded in a regular match.)

Some of those scores should be examined and changed if highest stack was awarded in skills. Everyone should be using the same formula.

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Does it require the skills manager to put in the total points or where the points are scored?

Tournament manager calculates the score based on what you enter for the various ways to score. It would not be too difficult to correct the errors.

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That is good

I know at least one tournament where highest stack bonuses were awarded. Thankfully, scores t his early probably don’t count for much.

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