Unofficial Answer: mobile base scoring

@harrypotterrgeek If you read the game manual, then on page 6 in the definition of the 20 Point Zone, it says (text bolded for emphasis):

That’s the answer to your question. The official answer will also say the same thing. Legally, you can put more than one mobile goal in the 20 point zone, but only one of those mobile goals will be considered scored in the 20 point zone. However, if the other mobile goals are touching the large pipe, they count as being in the 10 point zone.

Check the game manual please next time before asking a question. It helps to do that to reduce the number of redundant questions that get posted in the Q&A section.

I believe the non 20 counts for the 10 point zone

Only if it is at least partially resting on the bar separating the 20 point zone from the 10 point zone. The bar is part of the 10 point zone.

I think @krpyro is right, the extra mobile goal in the 20 point zone is counted as ten points, don’t know why you would do that though.

Yea if by some way you ended up with 2 in the 20 point zone they would count the one with the most cones to be scored in the 20 and the one with less cones if it is touching the big pipe would be in the 10