Unofficial Answer: Pushing From Parking


As a referee that has officiated three competitions so far and will referee a state championship in about two weeks, here is my unofficial answer based on my reading of the game manual:

The rules do not cover pushing robots out of their parking tiles, and neither do the Q&As. The only rules regarding Parking are 1) Only 1 same-color robot per same-color tile gets credit for parking (i.e. if two robots are parked on the same tile, only one of them gets credit for parking), and 2) the parking bonus applies only after the end of the match, and does not count towards the autonomous bonus. In that situation, based on how the GDC has ruled in the past regarding situations or actions not explicitly covered in the game manual, I would rule that it is legal for a robot to push another robot out of its parking tile, provided no other rules are violated in the process, especially regarding pinning or trapping.

As a point of clarification, if at the moment the match ends, the robot has momentum to keep moving on its own, and as it coasts to a stop, it manages to push a robot out of its parking tile somehow, the robot that was pushed out of its tile would not get credit for Parking because per <G9>, scores for the match are not calculated until everything on the field comes to a rest.

I believe this is how the GDC likely will rule regarding your question.