Unofficial Answer to Autonymous scoring clarification

At the end of the autonomous, look at where the stars are and score them accordingly. How they arrived in their locations is totally irrelevant.

If the other alliance does nothing in autonomous, all you have to do to win is move something (anything) from the far field area to the near field area on the side of the fence you occupy.

Both alliances start with 14 points. If you move a star from the far field to the near field, the opposing alliance now has 13 points and if the opposing alliance does nothing, you still have 14 points and win autonomous.

I hope that helps clarify things in this unofficial response. I agree with @536Mentor in that it all depends on where things are when the clock hits zero regardless of how it happened.

Ok… I think I got it. We talked about it and figured it out. Thanks for the help.