Unofficial answer to "CnC Scuff Padles" askes the question “it was ruled that it would be legal to 3d print paddles that allowed you to hit the buttons on the back. My question is would it be legal to cnc these parts.”

It is impossible to 3D print paddles without using a cnc since 3D printers are cnc machines.

That’s true, but I think the OP was referring to like a cnc router, like this one we have at my job. I think this would still be legal though

dang! what’s your job to have stuff like that lying around?

You don’t have one in your basement or garage?

Me either. There are some more affordable options, though. I would guess that if someone is planning on making some pads for their vex controller, that is not the machine they would go out and buy to do it.

I am sure you are probably right but I tend to go by what people actually say rather than try to guess at what they mean. Either way, I am guessing that it is OK no matter how you do it.

We make poly adirondack chairs:

I agree that someone wouldn’t go buy this to make controller paddles, it is kind of expensive. And I agree it should be legal, but I guess we’ll know for sure once the GDC answers it.

Oh, sweet.

+1 to both

I was referring to a cnc router. I should have clarified.