You have to plug your computer with the code into the cortex’s USB 2.0 port via included cable. You have to unplug the VEXNet key in order to access the USB port. Be sure the robot is on when you download the code! (Hint Be sure to click on the “Download to Robot” button in order to to put “code into robot”) :slight_smile:

Hope this helps and is opened to more detailed answers.

Not needed unless the computer being used is severely underpowered.

Procedure may vary with different software.

I have tried that, but a message comes to the computer that says “Make Sure You Are Connected to a Controller” I will soon show a screenshot.

Untitled drawing.png

@Jacob Pa. Try updating RobotC firmware (under the Robot menu)

My VEXnet is 2.0, but the robot c is 4.0, does that matter?

Yep. you have to update firmware.