Unofficial answer to "Competition Template problem"

@Korndog You need to use a competition switch in order to test autonomous and driver control without separating each on different templates. By default, the bot will run driver control.

@Korndog If you’d like to be able to run autonomous without the need of using a competition*(edit, brainfart)* switch, include something similar to this:

if ( vexRT[Btn7U] == 1 && vexRT[Btn8U] == 1 ){

If you copy and paste this in your usercontrol code, when you press both 7U and 8U at the same time, autonomous will start.
Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

  • [TVA] Connor

When I read this question, asking about the competition switch was the first thing that I thought of after reading the code. But I thought no, can’t be that simple.

@Korndog, can you write back to say what the answer was/is?