Unofficial answer to DQ'ed Robot
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At the last competition our team was at, there was a DQ by the Ref and I wanted to see if it was the right call.

a Blue robot grabbed a mobile goal at the last few seconds of the game and was on their way to score it in the 5pt zone. A Red robot ran into them causing them to drop the mobile goal. It was not determined if the contact was incidental or purposeful. Had the blue robot scored this goal, they would have won. The ref said this was match affecting contact and DQ’d the red robot. Was this the right call?"

Did the mobile goal have cones on it and were the cones descored and would it have been match affecting based only on the descored cones? If it was just a mobile goal and no cones, then I believe the ref erred since there are no rules about descoring mobile goals.

If it was cones that were also descored, then intent has zero to do with the calculus. Since descoring mobile goals are allowed, the issue goes back to how many cones were descored and was that enough to affect the match.