unofficial answer to "Everyone declines alliance captain???? "

The following question was asked “What would happen if an alliance captain got declined by everyone in the tournament?”

My answer is that this would serve as confirmation that the alliance captain must be a jerk and very hard to get along with.

Yes confirmed new meta

sorta happened at Nebraska state comp. 1st seed got reject four times

This needs an answer. Now.

This has been asked before, and the decision was it would be 8 single team alliances. Link to Q&A

Or just very, very bad.

The farthest I’ve ever seen selection go is that #1 picked down until #8 accepted. With parity among alliances, the Eliminations were exciting.

In reality, the head referee and/or tournament director should see this happening, and then point out to the teams that every team that is not going to be an alliance captain will be going home if they don’t say “yes.” At some point, the lower ranked-teams will step up.

Ranks 2-8 are cool, they are going to be in Eliminations. Ranks 9-whatever, if they don’t say “yes,” they’re done for the day. I can’t see very many scenarios where everyone says no.

I just wanted to know what would happen lol.