Unofficial Answer to "Far Zone Claws?"

For future reference you should post this in an unofficial thread type, (ie Technical Discussion) that way everyone can reply.

Because the Far-zone really isn’t that far from the fence, all you need to get objects into it is a bit of momentum, thus with a forwards facing claw, the faster your drive is the farther your objects will go. That is assuming you release the objects as soon as you come to a stop. We built a forwards facing claw on an 8 bar, it gets objects into the Far-zone about 70% of the time, but it depends on my driving.

It uses a turbo geared 6 motor drive.
You could always figure out a way of rigging up a 3388T type design, although I’m not sure how that would work with a forwards facing lift.

that is what happens with ours but instead of just driving straight we crab walk sideways and sorta swing it and let go of it.

Sounds like that would be fun to watch! I’m practising doing something similar that allows us to get cubes and some stars from the middle of the court over the fence without driving around. Essentially I just raise the lift and turn at full speed, releasing the objects at just the right moment. They always roll into the far zone that way as well.

Our teem has a claw as well but we solved that problem by raising our lift slightly so stars or cubes don’t touch the ground and this allows us to move around easily.