Unofficial answer to rubber bands

You can use any official VEX part, or IDENTICAL substitutions. Rubber bands are in the VEX catalog, so you can use them…but get a big bag at Staples or Office Max (or your favorite office supply…or Robosource…) #64 or #32 are the legal sizes.

I don’t get why some people can’t read the rules…

Because they’re long, and there are a lot of them. Also, students are lazy and we do enough reading in school (speaking of which, I should probably go read the 150 pages due tomorrow for me).

They are actually very short and to the point this year. If students can’t even bother themselves to read the rulebook, they should not be in VEX robotics (it speaks to their character). The first thing my teams do each year is read the rule book. We spent about an hour of our last practice reading them together as a group.

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