Unofficial Answer to Switching from Autonomous to Driver Control

"Our school has just started a team to compete in Starstuck. I am somewhat familiar with RobotC (I have one year in teaching PLTW POE) in both autonomous and driver control mode, but I am not an expert at coding. So, I have a few questions.

I am assuming one file with both types of code is loaded onto the cortex. Does anyone have a template they’d be willing to share from an old event or something that would show me how the two types of code are laid out in one program? When starting in autonomous mode, is the team allowed to hit a bump switch or something to start? How does the actual switch from autonomous mode to driver control occur in competition?"

You need to choose the Competition Template in Robot C. There will be both Autonomous and Driver Control sections there. The switching between them is done by the Field Control Computer. At a competition, your students will connect to the field tower by plugging their main controller into the field controls through the competition port on the controller. The field computer will lock out the controllers during the autonomous period, then re-enable them during the driver control period. I hope this helps.

Also, posting a question like this in the Technical Support Forum, means that most of us cannot reply as it is a restricted forum. If looking for responses from the general community, post in Unofficial Tech Support or General Forum.

I hope this helps. And others are free to weigh in as well.