Unofficial answer to Use of Bar for Starting Size

“I have scoured the Manual and cannot find any reference of this. I was wondering if we can use the field perimeter to keep our bot withing the starting requirement? ex: If I have hinged forks that extend out of the back of my bot, and they have rubber bands pulling down on them; can I hinge them up(against the force of the rubber bands)and set it against the starting bar/10 pt. bar. In this scenario the bar keeps them up and within the 18x18x18 and when my autonomous starts and drives away from the bar they will immediately flip down. Is this legal?”
I would say the answer to this is NO. The robot must be able to fit in 18x18x18 on its own. This question has been asked several times over the years. If they flip down without the bar holding them, your robot would not pass inspection to begin with.

You robot will not pass inspection because there is no wall available to press against in inspection.

@536Mentor Thank you for answering my question!

This was ruled officially in the Starstruck Q&A: