Unofficial answer to “Who can Compete”

@Gear Geeks Unless there is a change in rule for this season, else from the previous seasons and my understand - all Excellence award winners will qualify for Design award as well.
But Design award winners can only qualify for Design award in worlds.

Hope that help to clarify your doubts,

The rules changed this year and it looks like an unintended consequence is that a team could qualify to compete for the excellence award but not qualify to compete for the design award.

I don’t think there is a change.

Based on Tarek’s reply to your earlier question, as Long as the team won excellence or design award, the team will qualify for design award in worlds.

Basically that means, as Long as it is an excellence award winner, the team can go for both excellence award and design awards in worlds.

You and I are reading that entirely differently!

My understanding is that a team can compete for the Design Award if they won the Excellence or Design Award at the event that qualified them for Worlds. A team that can compete for the Excellence Award if they won an Excellence Award at any event during the season plus submitted two online challenges.

Editted to say: I hope you’re right and I’m wrong!!

I have copied Tarek’s reply below…

State/regional/provincial/national (that is world qualifying) = official qualifying event at any level.

So it is the same thing that he is talking about. And it is consistent with the past Seasons as well.

But I do agree… the criteria listed could be clearer and better defined.

Ok. Well, hopefully I’m not wasting Tarek’s time with my follow up question. I’ll wait and see what he says.

I hope I am right too!

I was caught off guard few years back when they revised the requirement from one online challenge to two. So I do understand how much we want to make sure we get all these details sorted out.