Unofficial Answer: V5 Sensor Limitations

@Andrew Strauss

There is a port expander to get 8 more 3 wire ports through one smart port. Also, from what I’ve heard the internal v5 encoders are far more accurate than the old IME’s so you shouldn’t need external ones; however, 8 haven’t had the chance to use a v5 myself so I can’t say for certain.

You may still want to use quads for dead reckoning with unpowered wheels.

I heard about the port expander, but I didn’t see it on VEX’s store page like most of the other V5 stuff. The external encoders aren’t for resolution, they’re for slippage because while you can have your drive accelerate slowly and have the wheels not slip, that’s slower.

Since the V5 isn’t going to ship until August and a LOT of the VEX team was helping at Worlds, I think the following is likely to happen. There will be updated sensors specifically for V5 announced soon now that Worlds is over. I would preach have a little patience. That is my 2 cents.