Unofficial: Are notebooks required to be bound?

You can find the original post on the Q&A here.

Hey @Elijahmccoy ,
I forgot to tell you and your team today at club :wink: You won’t be able to get an answer on the official starstruck Q&A, I already tried and Karthik was not able to help. However, I did find these quotes from the RECF.

Obviously, the RECF can’t make up their mind on whether they are requiring it or recommending it, so for now, I would play it safe and make it a bound notebook.

@Tarek Shraibati , could you clarify or let us know who to ask to clarify if bound notebooks are required?

Here’s a more updated version of the Judges Guide, it was last updated on September 12th:

Page 9 in the updated document has the details on Notebook expectations. There is a clear preference for bound notebooks.

It seems like RECF should come out and say very clearly what a notebook should look like (or - in my preference - say that it doesn’t matter at all as long as it documents the design process). Right now we have a lot of inconsistency between events due to the somewhat vague guidelines that judges may or may not be aware of and because of judges very often merely following their own preference.

I agree though, it seems recently a handwritten bound notebook seems to have become the safest option, unfortunately.