UNOFFICIAL: Are there any RULES??

A quick google search of “vex starstruck game manual” and the first item is the Vex Starstruck game manual. Here it is in all its glory.


At first, I thought this post was a joke, or at least a trick to try and get a new forum user to read the rule book before making a post…then I saw the real post in the official Q&A…

Is it just me, or are there many more posts this season asking about stuff that is clearly in the game manual? We start our season by printing and binding several copies of the manual, distribute them to the teams, and spend meeting time reviewing the game video and basic stuff of the manual.

It’s not just you.

I think there are many more posts like this because there are substantially more people using the forums now than in the past. It used to be only the people that were “really into” VEX that were on the forums. Now it seems even the casual VEX robo-nerd is on the forums. This is a good problem in a way. But still frustrating when people ask unnecessary questions.

Yessir, you called? :smiley:

Our mentor made us read the game manual and take a quiz on it before we could start working.

Thanks for a great idea!

Before you get your team number you should have to pass a quiz on the game manual.

Or this should be Reddit and we should be able to downvote stupid content to the abyss.

+1 to both of these suggestions.

link text
This link should bring you to the PDF file

You can also put a link to the rules in your signature. which makes signatures actually useful.

VEXStarstruckGameManualQuiz.pdf (95.6 KB)

I made a quiz over the manual. See if you can answer it within 15 minutes of reading it.

Should I really be giving my teammates the third degree over the game manual?

The only thing I would modify is the multiple questions over plastic limits

I don’t know about a quiz exactly but I think about it this way. Would a basketball coach find it acceptable if a player didn’t know what “traveling” or “double dribble” was? Of course not. You can’t play a game if you don’t know it’s rules.

But if it was like Reddit it would go to the top of ‘controversial’