unofficial are you nuts reply: Are teams allowed to fly drones at worlds

My opinion, no. Don’t fly something you could easily smash into someone’s head at a fairly high rate of speed when it plummets to the ground after hitting the ceiling. You don’t want that pain and liability mess.

We have rule number one in our club - don’t do stupid things. As the third benevolent dictator of the Vexmen, we have a long line of yelling at kids for various stupid activities they do. By making it a blanket rule we can ensure we don’t have to list everything and know you will be asked to leave permanently if you do stupid things that endanger yourself or others.

This is really a way of ensuring safety first but also covers anything you should not be doing. If it seems like it would be even mildly stupid, don’t do it. If someone can get injured or in trouble, it’s probably a stupid thing.

These are actual stupid things we’ve had to deal with.

*] - Zip ties on your finger (a classic one)

*]- using rubber bands to shoot things

*]- not wearing safety glasses or shield when cutting or near cutting

*]- going on the roof of the school (yes this happened and there are cameras everywhere)

*]- logging into the cafeteria computers (we meet there) (again, yes it has happened)

*]- wandering off in other parts of the school or leaving without telling anyone

*]- horsing around and doing unsafe activities in general

*]- sliding down the banister of the stairs

*]- getting leg caught in balusters of said staircase

Imagine how cool it could be though. Also he mentions teams having done it in the past. I am not sure if its true but if it is I see no reason it would be illegal this year if it was legal before.

Just make sure you know which drone is yours if there are two of the same drones. That could end bad.:stuck_out_tongue: Also it would be a little bit of a problem with all the RC things including the robots?

I do wonder about the radio frequencies. The new white VEXnet keys use 2.4 ghz, which is the standard frequency of most RC vehicles.

I have a quadcopter and my transmitter is 2.4 ghz. There are many many channels within that, but I wonder if it might interfere with the VEXnet system. Perhaps I will have to fire up our robot and my quadcopter at the same time to see if there is any interference.

That was what I was trying too get at. Mabey you couldn’t connect one/ fly too close to a match. Or else it could screw up the robots Mabey have a dome for other RC thing at worlds.

I’m fairly certain 254 has done it.

I completely agree, thanks!

drones should not be allowed at the VEX Worlds event.
At the Summer VEX games, one such person flying a DJI Phantom 2 was told to stop.

It was distracting to participants and the audience, and some felt uncomfortable that it would hit them when they got very close to matches.

I personally have several in my collection and love drones…but feel that there is a time and place for it, not at VEX events.

I agree with the above post. Although the driver never lost control of the drone, it did fly rather low over the top of the field, and was very loud. During a match, the teams would stop and watch out for the drone not knowing what it was going to do.

The ceilings are just too low for this, and the drivers need all the concentration they can muster for their matches.

Even flying them over the pits is distracting. Teams have spent too much time and money to get to the Championships to be bothered by someone else’s toys.

To the extent of my knowledge isn’t all other forms of RF communication banned at the world championships?

If this is the case then it should be an easy answer to the question if you can fly drones at worlds. Unless it uses optical communication then you cannot use it.

It wouldn’t make any sense to prohibit RF communication because that includes cell phones, wifi and so on.

It’s nice to actually fly a drone (especially if you have a big room where you can fully use the drone’s functionality) but every drone pilot need to ask himself/herself if a VEX Wold Championship is an appropriate place to practice flying with a drone. There is a difference between a newbie that got a drone and does the first tries at worlds and ends up crashing on the competition fields and an advanced drone pilot (that might even do it professionally) that is able to fly a drone more safely. It’s never completely safe: electronics, batteries and communication problems can make a drone crash, no matter how good the pilot is.

The 2.4 Ghz band should have more than enough space for drones, vex robots, wifi, handheld radios and whatever someone decides to put on there. It’s a real wide band that was made available to the public.

I fly on UHF, so there should be barely any problems with RF interference, but I may as well bring it and fly outside, away from everyone else!

If it is stated that drones are illegal at worlds, does that imply that it would be illegal to build a flying skyrise robot?

There is always these antigravity motors. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately those have been sold out for quite a while now.

Actually this is legal but highly impossible.

Really? As one of the more senior VEX people around here (5 years right?) that’s the response you are going to go with?

I’m all for quadcoptors, but I’m more for safety. And I’m not sure what it would mean to be “legal”, since the rules cover the robot competition.

Coolness never beats safety.

Something like 5 years ya.

In all honesty its going to be against the rules of the convention center(illegal) unless behind some sort of netting.
BUT that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be fun if it was allowed. Its like me saying I want ice cream but decide not to buy it because this magic place called the east coast has 3 ft of snow and its 10 degrees out.

I just meant if they were allowed before than I see no reason for that to change I however doubt Anaheim was okay with it and never actually saw quads at past worlds.

So this is what it is like to be on the receiving end of the Foster’s patented " your being ridiculous " posts. :smiley:

Vexactly! :rolleyes:

I think Team80_Giraffes was trying to stop anyone from just walking into the arena and flying away without thinking it through.

Their post of “stupid is as stupid does” reminded me of the time a roboteer had a zip tie loosely fastened around their neck. Another roboteer tugged on it, the first roboteer was startled and jerked back and we now have a tight zip tie. The next 30 seconds were pretty unpleasant. :mad: Things that seem to be simple and OK can become a huge problem in seconds.

The stupidity of some kids is crazy, a kid was was biting live wires. Another kid used a pully and zip tied it to someones crunches and they pulled them out from under him.