Unofficial Autonomous Points Question

If a robot were to score a mobile goal into the 20 point zone and proceed to win autonomous, would that mobile goal still count towards their final score at the end of the match? We’ve already tried looking through the game manual for this year’s game and haven’t found any rules specifying whether or not the points scored in autonomous still count towards the final score at the end of a match.

Yes, it would. All matches are scored based on the placement of the objects at the end of the match. When or how they got there (so long as it was legal) does not matter. The autonomous bonus is simply awarded to whichever team has more points by the end of the autonomous period.

Also, just to be clear, you do not get the points you scored during auton added to your score during autonomous, just the auton bonus. As stated above, the scored points are only from how the field comes to rest at the end of the driver period.

@TriDragon @Aponthis Thanks!