This is actually the Vex edr forum. There’s a Vex IQ forum here>
You may want to try posting questions about the IQ platform there too just because I imagine you can get your question answered better there. That and I don’t know the answer so. :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you can figure out what’s wrong with your batteries :slight_smile:

Thanks for sending them over to the IQ Forum

But if you go IQ you should know that the buttons on the IQ “brain” are soft buttons, so the brain is always using power from the battery when the battery pack is plugged into the brain. If you leave the battery plugged in too long, the battery voltage drops below what the charger wants to see.

The fix! Put a motor into port one of the brain, put a shaft and a large gear (36 t) or a wheel on the shaft. Battery in the brain. Spin the gear/wheel, the magnets in the motor act like a generator, they back charge the battery. When you spin the front screen will light up. Spin at least 50 full turns at the highest speed you can manage. This puts a small charge on the battery. Take the battery out of the brain and put it back in the charger and it should start charging.

That’s good to know! We have one that has these same symptoms, and I’ll definitely try it out