Unofficial Championship Scrimmages for Worlds 2021

With the increase of popularity in Live Remote Tournaments, and Worlds being confirmed to be Live Remote, ORCAH has created a scrimmage system in association with VEX Remote Queues (VRQ).

Online Robotics Competition at Home (ORCAH) is a student-led organization hosting unofficial scrimmages coming up to VEX Worlds 2021. Our aim is to provide world-qualified teams the experience and resources they require to excel during these unprecedented times. Through our free practice scrimmages leading up to our championship scrimmage, teams will be able to simulate and practice for Worlds, collaborate, and learn this new form of competition on a larger scale than prior events.

We will be hosting the ORCAH Community Summit on Thursday, February 11, from 3:30pm to 5pm PST on YouTube in the link below. During the summit, we will discuss game modifications we have made to make remote gameplay more exciting to watch and play.

If you have any questions you would like answered, please ask in the Summit Questions page on our website. The ORCAH website will be the hub for information.

We hope to see you on Thursday, February 11 at 3:30 PST!




vexlover72 approves.

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Awesome! Will there be anything for IQ teams?

Currently, we believe there is not enough demand for us to focus on developing a system for VIQC too. However, if we do see more demand, we will take this into account and focus our efforts accordingly.


ORCAH Robotics will be going live for their first Community Summit at 6:30 EST (3:30 PST) for an overview of the game setup, scoring, and functionality. We hope to see you all soon! Until then, take a sneak peek at our field setup for this year’s season!
Both Fields w robots.18


The ORCAH website has been updated! You can now view the full game manual, as well as register your team to compete in ORCAH events. As a reminder, we do require a coach/mentor contact to register your team. We will be releasing more details regarding competition software, as well as website updates, soon! Thank you!




After fixing some licensing stuff, here we are for real this time. This is the source code for the ORCAH Event Console server:

Please feel free to make fun of my bad code.

If anyone wants to do anything with either this or 18x18az’s original code, please keep the Apache license attached to it in mind.


Just curious, where did you learn to do things like set up server code? I have never known another highschool student who could do that and can’t begin to guess how you would have learned…

  1. It’s really just a few Python scripts
  2. 60% of what I needed was already written for me
  3. No one specific place. Mostly just by working on various Python projects and copying what I see on stackoverflow

Just a quick suggestion for everyone (not you Taran we already know you are good at coding) if you want to move from blocks to text coding, Python is a great starter language to introduce advanced topics and an overall easy language to learn.
There are also really good tutorial websites and Youtube channels that teach the language, so if you are ready to make the jump from blocks to text, I would really prefer investing some time into learning Python. After Python, I believe grasping C++ and C will be a lot easier than just jumping onto the C++ boat with no experience.


If anyone is looking for it, here is the source code for the Event Console used in 18x18az’s Clash in the Cloud Remote Skills events:


Our pilot event is today. The event will start soon, here is a link to the stream.


@Sylvie Link says it’s private and need to sign in. Is that what you wanted?

Yeah - we’re having streaming issues. Too much CPU usage on the streamer’s side. We’re recording and uploading it later.

Things are going very smoothly from our side of things, however.

Stream is back!

thx barin


It was fun to watch. Question, one of the teams had plastic around their wheels to make a bumper. Did they fit all of that into the plastic sheet rule? Or were they hiding a drive train from the rest of us?

It has no practical function, so it can count as decoration.

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OK, Since you were one of the EP’s for that event, I’ll accept that ruling. I’m not so sure that it would pass on a regular event since I could see it being used to herd balls with the angle section at the bottom. If it was flat, I’d most likely let it go.


I wasn’t the one that did inspection but from previous convos I believe the lower angled part is part of the functional lexan limit. They are meant to make the bot harder to defend against (think turning point), and then the higher up panels that don’t contact anything are the decorative ones.


Thanks Chris, I’ll need to look at the matches again to pull that team number out and ask them. I always ask, “Can you take the decorations off?”